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Farmer's Best, Freshly Delivered

We harvest on the day of sending the fruits & veggies to you

We believe that farmers deserve fair access to the urban markets in Nigeria. We also believe that YOU, our customer, deserve the best quality fruits and vegetables Nigeria has to offer, conveniently delivered to your home or office. Products are freshly harvested based on your order -we don't keep stock to ensure all fruits and veggies are super fresh- and then we deliver by air/ cooled transport. Convenient. And deliciously healthy.

But who are we?

We are a proudly Nigerian company, founded with the mission to create a fair market for Nigerian quality farmers, and to bring the best of home grown fresh fruits and vegetables to the most appreciating customers. 
Like many urban citizens in Nigeria, we regularly see (overpriced) imported farm products while lots of Nigerian fresh products, the fruits of hard farm labour, waste away because there is no connection with the urban quality markets. At the same time, we know quality farmers who are growing a wide variety of beautiful products that are more than capable of competing with imports. Something is clearly out of joint. We think we can do better and Ace Green Crops Limited is the result.
We are, by the way, one of those quality farmers ourselves. We have a 40ha farm in Plateau State. But we are also consumers, living in Lagos, which means we can appreciate both supply and demand for what we do.
As for the people behind Ace Green? The founder and MD is an agric entrepreneur who lives and breathes this stuff. Agriculture, Nigeria, farming... it's in his veins. He is joined by an ever-growing team. All Nigerian (well, apart from one lady but everyone says this she is more Nigerian than most by now). 
But the real people behind Ace Green?
Those are the farmers. And we hope that you will enjoy the delicious products they grow - for you!

5 reasons to choose Ace Green:

We supply straight from the farm: we harvest on the day of dispatching our products to you

You support our awesome Nigerian farmers to keep up the good work

We deliver three times a week to Abuja and Lagos

We have great customer service

And everything is 100% home grown