So by ordering through us you will:

  1. receive healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables at your convenience

  2. support farmers who really deserve a much better life (they feed us, remember?)

  3. appreciate that home grown, proudly Nigerian products are simply awesome!

The best fresh vegetables & fruits... 

all proudly grown in Nigeria

The best quality fruits and vegetables are imported, right? Well... think again! Our farmers grow the most lucious, scrumptious and delicious vegetables and fruits right here on our home soil. Did you know that delicate products like asparagus, ice berg lettuce, passion fruit and broccoli can thrive in Nigeria? That we have the sweetest strawberries and delightful seedless lemons?
And even better: because we harvest them fresh, they taste simply much better than any tokunbo greens... Oh, and of course that also holds for 'the usual suspects' like tomatoes and sweet corn. We deliver them straight from the farm to you, thereby preserving all the good in them.

We believe that farmers deserve fair access to the urban markets in Nigeria. We also believe that YOU, our customer, deserves the best quality fruits and vegetables Nigeria has to offer -conveniently delivered to your door. We deliver by air fresh fruits and veggies straight from Jos, and deliver them to your home or office in Lagos, or we send them by cooled transport to Abuja. Conveniently. And deliciously healthy. You're welcome!